What type of flock is a Jersey Giant Rooster appropriate for?

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As time goes on, we're finding that it is more likely that one of our Jersey Giant girls is actually a guy.
So my question is, what type of flock is a Jersey Giant Rooster appropriate for?
We have a total of 11 chickens including Red Stars, Barred Rocks, Wyandottes and Jersey Giants.
I've read a few posts where people have needed to re-home their Jersey Rooster because he was injuring some of the chickens.
As our birds are on the larger size, I'm wondering if we would be okay with a Jersey Rooster, or if we should start scoping out another home.
Any advice or experiences would be most appreciated!!



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I have a 4 Barred Rock hens, 2 of which are about 8.5 pounds. My JG rooster is 1 year old and towers over the big BR hens. He has free range in the front and side yards, but a fence seperates him from all the hens in the backyard. There's no doubt there would be injuries if I let him stay with the hens. Other than that, he's a good roo and will be here for a long time to come.

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