What we bought thirty minutes ago... Update p. 2 - 20/06/09

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  1. Lotje

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    Aren't they gorgeous? [​IMG]
    One of our Cochin bantams has been broody for about 6 weeks now, so we decided to give her some very young chicks so she would stop torturing herself. We've been looking for a while, but we found some! They're only three days old, born this Wednesday.

    Four sweet little Cochin bantams! The colours will be a surprise, but I'm pretty sure we've got one "pearl grey" (don't know whether this colour exists in English, I translated it literally from Dutch [​IMG]) and one white. Possibly frizzles!

    And guess what, they're already accepted by their new mommy! [​IMG]

    Aren't they the cutest? [​IMG]
    (Pictures are a bit blurry, it's turning dark out here -- still wanted to share them..[​IMG])





    As you can see, we're all very happy.. [​IMG]
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  2. giasmom

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Woodville, Al
    Ohhhh, those are so sweet looking. Congrats on the new babies![​IMG]
  3. The Wolf Queen

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    May 2, 2009
    Albuquerque, NM
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. noitulover

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    Apr 23, 2009
    Central Virginia
    absolutely adorable! congratulations!
  5. Jolyn

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    Apr 5, 2008
    Northern California
    That was so nice of you to get her some babies!!!![​IMG]
  6. CAranchgirl

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    Apr 7, 2009
    Great pictures!! They are adorable. I gave babies to a hen 2 weeks ago and might have to do it again- it is day 23 and no action from her eggs. It is so sweet how the babies are so happy to have a mommy and the mom gets so excited to think that her chicks have finally hatched.
  7. Year of the Rooster

    Year of the Rooster Sebright Savvy

    Jun 27, 2008
    West Central Ohio
    They look happy to be there! [​IMG]
  8. vtsarahb

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Bradford, VT
    just adorable! [​IMG]
  9. ZooMummzy

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Philomath, Oregon
    ooohhhh I'm in love [​IMG] so very cute!
  10. Chicky Tocks

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    Oct 20, 2008
    Benton, Arkansas
    :schwoon!!! Those are precious babies and I hope everyone lives happily ever after. [​IMG] I have a broody on 5 eggs and I can't wait to see her hatch them out. She's gone broody too many times and really wants to be a mamma so I had to finally give in.

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