What we thought was a Barred Rock hen is now occassionally crowing??


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May 10, 2013
We purchased 3 Barred Rocks, 2 hens and a rooster. Well, one died in a most unfortunate cage incident and we were just certain it was our Roo. Well, now our "girl" will occasionally crow (I have only heard it a couple times). I have to admit "she" looks different from the hen in size and color, but since we have had no crowing until now we thought she was just a bigger hen. They are about 21 weeks old. I heard that if you don't have a rooster sometimes the hens will crow but I think I am in denial. 2 weeks ago before the crowing started we added a 1 year old rooster to the mix to keep the girls safe while free ranging. So now I think I may have 2 roosters, uh oh! I have searched many pictures and I do occasionally see Barred Rock Hens with large combs, so I am just at loss. We are new at this if you couldn't already tell. :)

My flock consists of

2 Barred Rocks
1 Golden Comet
1 Buff Orpington
1 Black Mottled D'uccles (roo)

Then I have a separate coop for some Silkies

The bird in question? Rosie Sue.

This is our for-sure hen Matilda Blue.
X 2 that top one is a rooster, he is lighter in color, has saddle feathers coming in.
When sexing Barred Rocks, in the future, just for reference. The males carry two barring genes and look BRIGHT and bold in the barring, even at 7 weeks of age, while the females, carrying only one barring gene, often appear blacker in their overall appearance.

But the almost sure-fire way is by noting which birds sprout a comb and their wattles first. This is a male, secondary sex characteristic. The pullets at 7-8 weeks show virtually nothing, while the cockerels will really show their red features. Pretty easy to note the difference at that age.

The pullets will have larger combs and wattles but only at 17 weeks as they approach their time of sexual maturity.

Well, can we still call him Rosie?? Haha! Jk! Thank you for all the answers! I guess the one that died was actually the hen an we just didn't know how to tell the difference.
Should we add more hens to our flock? Getting rid of one isn't an option I want to entertain. :(
Should we add more hens to our flock? Getting rid of one isn't an option I want to entertain.
I think you should just watch them and see how they do. As long as the hens aren't being harassed and over-mated and stressed, then you're fine. If he's jumping on them every five seconds, then you may want to add five more hens or so.

Expect him to be clumsy and a bit rude at first, even grabbing them and mating them without dancing or waiting for them to squat. Adolescent cockerels can be real jerks. If he's still a jerk after he's a year old, then I would personally get rid of him.
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You could - generally people recommend ten hens for each rooster. It's a good excuse to get more hens! :lol:
Thanks guys!! The other rooster is a small guy so he kinda keeps to himself so I will just watch them. I'm always up for more hens, too! So I will definitely keep that option open.

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