what went down in my house this morning


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Jan 26, 2009
Bagshot Row
I'm restricted to 15 minutes of being up at a time; other than that I'm supposed to have my foot elevated due to surgery. Husband is gone for his first classes of his graduate program, so I'm here solo for a while with the kids. Here's how this morning played out:

*sniff sniff sniff* smells poo. Hmm. In a house full of animals and kids, not too abnormal. *sniff sniff* Not going away...need to check litterbox. *Cat jumps on belly* Poo smell's stronger...what's stuck to his belly? POO! Give cat a bath where he's smeared poo in himself, check litter box. Someone stood in the box and pooped outside the box. Clean box and stair... Peachy. Just peachy.

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Jan 14, 2009
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And, its not even noon! I can actually beat the poo on the belly. I went out into the family room this morning where the kids were at, and I saw something black stuck to the fireplace brick on the hearth. I could see some more little black things . . .and sure enough, Oreo, the pooping machine boston terrier/something else with big feet had snuck in there when the gate was down, BACKED up to the hearth and stuck one on it . . . then finished on the tile. It is still "pickable" but he is driving us crazy with the potty training as far as pooping is going. He pees on his pads if we have to leave him, good as gold, but will not poop on them. He poops and pees outside when we take him, but I swear he keeps just a little inside so he can finish when he comes back in . . .he is smart and sweet and pretty as can be, but oh, that pooping!!!!!! I tell him every day, "you are just lucky I love ya'!!" He barks.


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Feb 8, 2008
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I can smell it through the computer!!!!! I hate washing cats with poop on them. My grandma owned Persians who would frequently get poop stuck on them
Of coarse I'd be the one to wash them for her


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Feb 10, 2009
Auburn, CA
Oh yuck! Something like that happened to me when I used to work. I went to work and kept wondering where, "THAT SMELL" was coming from; it smelled like a cat went potty. I made a big deal out of it and looked around and accused others until I was alone and realized it was on MY clothes. There's just no getting away from that smell once you get it.

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