What Whole Grains do you feed your Chickens?


5 Years
Sep 10, 2014
I am looking to feed my ladies a whole grain. I have no idea what to give them. looking for ideas and concerns.

Thanks everyone
Are you looking to mix your own feed or do you mean a commercial feed with whole grains in it?

Main concern is chickens will pick out the pieces they want if you provide a mix, so it should be fermented or otherwise ground and mixed to prevent them from doing so.
I have fed the following: corn, oats, wheat, milo, millet,black oil sunflower seed (BOSS), pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, watermelon seeds, rice, barley, soybeans, peanuts, acorns, persimmon seeds, guava seeds, and buckwheat.
Instead of buying chicken scratch, I buy TMZ Game Bird Mix by Seed Factory. 75 pounds for about $22 here, but I have seen it for $20. It contains the following whole grains...

Small yellow corn, Wheat, Red milo, White milo, 28% gamebird pellets, Oats, 21% red pellets, Yellow peas, White safflower, Split green peas, Split yellow peas, Small black oil sunflower, Oyster shell & Fish oil

I cut and pasted the above ingredients, I do consider it a complete feed, especially for Turkey's, Quail, Peafowl, etc as its only 15% protein. I am thinking its intended for English and American gamefowl chickens, not the birds we tend to think of as gamefowl. I am guessing its for the large hispanic population here that own or breed birds for cockfighting.

The reason I buy it is that the chickens love it as an occasional snack, its mostly whole grains, and they seem to like it even better than regular scratch. The chickens pick out the whole grains and leave the few pellets that they put in to boost the low protein content of the grains. Here's some links I found online for it.



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