What Will Babette Lay Today?!

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  1. So, it seems I have a creative little lady in my flock, who likes to paint her eggs a little differently each day!
    Babette is a sweet Golden Comet, who started laying at 16.5 weeks old and has layed an egg a day more or less ever since. Babette's eggs have ranged from xl to tiny, rich brown to light pink, lavender speckles to deep brown spots, and everything in between! She lays in a random box at a random time each day.
    Her sister, Lucille, started laying the same day and lays a beautiful medium brown slightly speckled egg every day at 11:18 am in the top left nesting box.
    The sisters are inseparable and even wait for and encourage one another while they lay, then sing the egg song together!
    Now, before you say it can't be the same hen, I only have two girls at laying age right now; the teens are 14 weeks and the babies are ten weeks old. Also, I've personally watched her lay many of her eggs just by random chance - even ones that are extremely different from one another. I think she prefers to lay when I am in the coop and maybe waits for me to come visit.

    So, this thread started as a subplot to the thread https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/colourful-and-unusual-chicken-eggs.1248602/

    As a fun side bar, I joked I would start a thread like this and folks were interested so I thought it would be an interesting study. I'm going to try to post a picture of every egg Babette lays as she lays them, until she starts to normalize or we all get bored of this, whichever comes first!

    To keep things linear here, please don't post any pictures in this thread, but feel free to comment. If you have any pictures of your eggs to share, I encourage you to chime in at the Colourful Layers thread above!
  2. Babette's FIRST egg was small to medium, rich brown with deep brown speckles at the top. It looked very similar to Lucille's first egg, also laid that day, except Lucille's had no speckles.
  3. After that, Babette didn't seem to lay again until the 30th, nine days later. In the meantime, Lucille gave us these:
    It's possible at least one or more of those are Babette's (that matte one stands out for sure), but each was found at the same time each day, in the same box and I watched Lucille lay most of them. Her regular habits played really well into my family's voyeurism!

    I think Babette must have been saving up her energy for this one:
    Her WOW egg. A beautiful pink sparkly looking enormous egg.

    Here it is next to a store bought xl white egg and the egg Lucille laid that day:
    Now, at this point, I started to wonder who was laying now, because it was so different from the brown Golden Comet eggs my ladies had been laying so far. Of course, the next day, Babette popped out a similar but smaller little gem while I observed, so the mystery was solved!

    Babette's third official egg, pictured next to Big Momma:
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  4. The next day, I watched as she popped out another speckled one, this time it was lavender instead of pink though!!
    (This picture does make it look darker than it was because it was taken later at night, and the last picture of the smaller pink egg is slightly more washed out, but there was a huge difference still.)
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    Goodness me! That is so funny! May I post a pic of Sherbet and Leaf?? They are almost identical to your 2. I think Sherbet looks like Babette and Leaf looks like Lucilla. Or it could be the other way round.
  6. Now here's where I start to think "No one's going to believe this one! I have to start this post!"

    I watched her lay a pretty brown egg with dark brown spots only on the top half, AFTER I closed them up into the coop! She jumped down from her roost, came over to attempt to shake me down for treats then hopped up into the nesting box and out came this weird little egg! I guess she figured she'd need to really earn those treats in the future!

  7. The next day, I guess she couldn't decide what she preferred, because I got a lighter brown egg with BOTH brown and white speckles!
  8. I swear to you, these eggs are all from the same chicken!
  9. THEN, she gave me two eggs in one day! Two very different eggs, of course.

    The one on the left is the previous post, with white and brown speckles. The middle one was her morning egg, a golden brown colour with dark reddish brown speckles, and the far right was her late night egg, a pretty tan pearlescent egg covered with little beige speckles.

    She seemed particularly proud of this one, and cuddled it up in the nest for quite awhile after laying it. Typically she lays her egg then hops right out to sing about it with her sister and their rooster Beau, who nervously paces and crows on top of the ensuite brooder the whole time.
    Proud daddy Beau, a Mille Fleur D'uccle, showing off his redheaded girlfriends.
  10. Sunday things got really wacky in the henhouse with the sisters, with Lucille getting a little wild and laying a heavily speckled brown egg, while Babette laid this big weirdly shaped matte egg with a couple of large white blank spaces.
    Perhaps the printer ink needs to be changed soon? :gig

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