What will be the offspring egg color result of an Ameraucana/Wellsummer rooster and an Ameraucana he

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  1. tonyfarr

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    Mar 22, 2015
    Also, what will be the offspring egg result of an Ameraucana/Wellsummer rooster and a Wellsummer hen? We are trying to go for the olive eggs that have become so popular, but are new to all of this and it is confusing. Does anyone know of a chart, etc. that simplifies the genetics of all this

    Thank you for your time!
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    Mar 22, 2015
    ok, if I remember correctly (as much as that's possible) then there are two kinds of eggs, blue and white. These may or may not get "painted" over by brown. A white egg with lots of brown paint is a wellsummer egg, a blue egg with lots of brown paint is olive.
    Your rooster likely inherited several brown paint genes (there are at least 13) from his wellsummer parent. If his ameraucana parent is pure bred and not actually an Easter egger he got one white shell and one blue shell gene and you'll get more olive eggers. If he got two white shell genes you'll get more brown or tinted egg layers. His offspring will probably still lay a range of colors from light green to olive to tinted eggs and even dark brown eggs. The only color you probably won't see in his offspring is pure blue since he probably carries too many brown paint genes to eliminate even you tried really hard.
    You can improve your chances of olive eggers by using the hens in your flock who already lay light green eggs, if you have any.

    For the wellsummer hen cross, if the roosters parent was pure ameraucana and not a misrepresented Easter egger you should get about half brown and half olive egg layers.
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  3. Michael OShay

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    Assuming the Ameraucana half of your rooster is a true Ameraucana (which lay only blue eggs) as opposed to an Easter Egger, some of the offspring will lay olive eggs and some will lay brown eggs depending on whether rooster gives the blue egg gene or the brown egg gene to his offspring.

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