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    Aug 25, 2008
    I want this to be the thread that will tell the best way to fix this bothersome problem. I have silkies and my chicks get it everytime. I have to soak their butts in warm water and clean it off and it gets anoying.
    Who has the realk remedy? Ive read that you can put molasses in their water, then someone says no don't do that. I've heard yogert? I've heard grit.
    Can someone Please tell me that has had the problem and fixed it give their secret out?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Thanks, Jason
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    Making sure the chicks stay warm and have plenty of CLEAN water to drink goes a long way toward preventing pasty butts.

    Where you get your chicks from makes a big difference. I wanted to buy some Light Brown Leghorn pullets this year. The only time TSC got them in, a lot of them had pasty butt. So, I didn't get any again this year.

    I did not want to bring the problem home with me.

    I think I read some where on this site that taking chicks out of the incubator too soon causes stress that predisposes them to pasty butt.
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    Pasty Butt;

    OK, The straight skinny on "Pasty Butt". Believe it or not, Pasty Butt is a symptom of constipation. The cure is molasses in their drinking water. Molasses is a natural laxative for fowl. Mix it like weak tea and give it to them for 2 days. Naturally you should clean their little butts with a warm damp cloth before you start the treatment. Failure to cure this condition could result in a painful death for your chicken. This treatment is for adult birds as well as chicks.
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    I agree with SpeckledHen.
    IMO The "sugar water" is only for shipped chicks and only for the first four or five hours, just to jump start them from the shipping stress and to get them to drink.
    then you need to switch to regular water. Too much sugar makes their stool sticky.
    I use grit or playground sand if my chicks are not on the ground. I've never had pasty butt with chicks that were brooded on the ground where they could get as much dirt and small grit as they wanted.

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    Gail Damerow's book Guide to Raising Chickens also says to mix 1:1 chick starter with either cornmeal or ground-up uncooked oatmeal. Some who have reported "success" with molasses (potentially bad) administered it along with oatmeal. It may actually have been the oatmeal that fixed it.
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    Mar 16, 2009
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    first sign of pasty butt-I give them butt haircuts! after fixing their water=this helps with the cleaning process big time!
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    You gals can read and do whatever you want. I`m just telling you what has worked for me, without fail for 51 years. I`m not mad, just offering some solid advice for a problem that crops up here at BYC daily........Pop
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    Apr 22, 2009
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    My Cure is ground up oatmeal mixed in with their medicated feed. Works everytime for me. I clean them up at the first sign of it, dab a little olive oil on the butt, feed the oatmeal, and usually no more problem. Occasionally I may still see it return a day or two more, but that is usually the extent of it. I do continue adding the oatmeal to their food until they are about 4 weeks. They love it!!!!
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    Personally, Lollipoop - I don't care so much what you try with your chicks, but it seems impolite to repeatedly post (cut & paste) the exact same message on pasty butt. especially when there is a chance that molasses may make things worse. Personally, I'll stick with a cure that doesn't have potential negative consequences.

    I'm not mad, either but - Aside from the effectiveness of the cure, you have posted that exact same message 8 times on BYC! and twice on other chicken boards. I'm pretty sure that BYC considers this to be spam.

    I might be mad if I followed your advice, and my chicks died unnecessarily. Actually, I did. I added molasses initially. The chicks seemed to get worse. But, honestly, I'm more interested in saving my chicks than doing a study of your cure so I switched to ACV, and they now all seem to be getting better. I have not tried the oatmeal/cornmeal solution.
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