What will happen after the alfa dies?

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    We lost our alfa hen, Big Red, 2 days ago. She was 8 and was like and old grandmother that would scold you, but was nice about it. She would also protect the chicks, and peck whoever went after them. I'm just wondering what is going to happen to the others now that she is gone. Yesterday we brought home 3 day old chicks that are currently in the brooder. We do have a rooster, but only 12 of the 15 hens follow him. The rooster thinks everyone (including the ducks)are his babies and is very nice to chicks(12 youngest ones were 6 weeks when he met them.) The other 3 were the offspring of Big Red and would follow her around, and pick on the other 12 (Rooster was her offspring too). I'm just curious about what if going to happen to the dynamics of the group now that she is gone. Will a new hen become alfa, or will they all just go along and follow the roo from now on? Also, how is it going to work with the chicks when we introduce them to the flock? Will the rooster protect them, or will they be on their own?
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    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

    There might be some bickering going on amongst the flock, but eventually it will become clear that there is a new alpha. That chicken will be the one the others now look up to. It SHOULD be the roo, but I myself am right now trying to introduce a new cockerel to my older hens. They are fine with it, but he's having a bit of trouble "cowboy uppin'" so to speak.

    I don't know what to tell you about adding chicks. All my chicks have been born into the flock, same coop, so there was no issue with intergration later.
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    Gritty, that's just your girls teaching him manners.

    To the OP.......there will be some bickering for a bit until they figure out who's now in charge. (it should be your roo) So sorry you lost your girl, but 8 years is a great hen life.
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    Quote:Happy, the girls aren't getting the chance to teach him manners. All they have to do is look at him from a distance and he runs the other way, screaming like a little girl! [​IMG]

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