what will happen if i cross light sussex with red stars?

lavender pekins

7 Years
Jun 16, 2012
my red star hen went broody the other day so i put 5 eggs underneath her and she is now sitting on them i also have light sussex running with my red stars and the cockerel is light sussex so some eggs are pure light sussex and some are a cross between red star and light sussex what will they turn out like? i dont want deformed chicks so will they be pourly or will they be fine also any other info will be helpful e.g colour and that sort of thing thankyou!
sorry just realised in the usa you call them (red stars) golden sex link!

call ducks

silver appleyard addict
10 Years
Mar 4, 2009
waterville , canada
Hey there,

The chick's should be fine. Not sure what're cross chick's well look like off the top of my head.

In the north America we must have 100 names for a red see link layer :)


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