What will happen to a thread?????

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Omran, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Omran

    Omran Songster

    Jul 26, 2008
    Bagdad KY
    when it get out of control? I mean when it get like 4500 or 6000 replies? when it will be finished /over?

    some threads looks to me more like a chat room than a threat or a topic, they almost gone in diffrent direction or another story?

    Just wondering! I know it is non of my business/ I am just nosey like my cats [​IMG]

  2. brooster

    brooster Songster

    Jun 14, 2007
    northwest Ohio
    i believe they get closed or deleted after they get too far off
  3. debilorrah

    debilorrah The Great Guru of Yap Premium Member

    They are usually closed after a certain number though I have no idea what the magic number is.....
  4. rooster-red

    rooster-red Here comes the Rooster

    Jun 10, 2007
    Douglasville GA
    They are usually closed after they have gone way off topic, except for some in the games and random ramblings sections, Sometimes they aren't closed but the responses stop and the thread falls way way down the list.
  5. dacjohns

    dacjohns People Cracker Upper

    Sometimes they just disappear. I know of one that was an all time record setter and it is now gone.
  6. debilorrah

    debilorrah The Great Guru of Yap Premium Member

    Hey, I know!!! Ask Nifty.....
  7. Mahonri

    Mahonri Urban Desert Chicken Enthusiast Premium Member

    May 14, 2008
    North Phoenix
    My Coop
    Quote:Yup, I think I made post #10,000 on that one. And it's gone.
  8. bluey

    bluey thootp veteran

    Apr 10, 2008
    Washington, PA
  9. dacjohns

    dacjohns People Cracker Upper

    All right bluey, quit shaking your tail before you get this one shut down too.

    Mahonri, I like your new avatar but now I have to get used to it. The bearded one was very distinctive.
  10. chicken_boy_Kurt

    chicken_boy_Kurt Songster

    Mar 20, 2008
    Quote:But MAAN will always be the first and best. [​IMG]

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