What will happen to the female ofa pair if

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  1. Lobzi

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    her mate flies off and doesnt return?

    I think he will return if he can but there are many flying predators so Im a little worried and want to know if the female will accept a new mate worst case senerio.

    He has been gone a few hours. He got out when I was cleaning their cage.
    He escaped once when he was very young but stayed close and in the yard. I lured him back with food. This time he made a bee-line for the park behind my house.

    Any experience with a mate leaving or dying from a ring-neck dove pair? They have been together for about two years and have reared 4 or so pairs of squab.
  2. Lobzi

    Lobzi Crowing

    I forgot to mention that the two are in the middle of rearing two squab that are about 2 weeks old. Will the mama continue to feed and care for the babies without the father, if he doesnt return?
  3. loftkeeper

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    Nov 7, 2013
    put feed and water where babies can watch mom and they can learn to eat and drink with her she will continue to feed them in most cases sometimes not but doing what I describe will at least show them how to drink and eat
  4. Lobzi

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    I did put some wet food that the parent like (scrabbled eggs and cooked rice) in a little dish aside them in the nest. I am still hoping Cyrano will return. Im thinking he paid the price of freedom though...
    Thank you for that idea.
  5. laughingdog

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    Feb 16, 2011
    Newport Tennessee
    If she has access to dry shaded place with enough food n water, she should do good. He may find way back after week even seen happen many times. He could be hiding even really close. Keep calling around.
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  6. Lobzi

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    Unfortunately I heard the hawk commotion indicating to me Cyrano was hit by one. Im not holding out hope that he will return. With babies to care for I think he would have returned that same day but nightfall if he could have. Im going to introduce her to the large aviary that allows her to fly around in and have interactions with her offspring who are in there. Im waiting for the current offspring to be ready for the transition.

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