what will he look like ?? Black Silkie crossed with golden sebright

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  1. PaigeHgibson

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    Mar 2, 2011
    Not sure were to post this [​IMG]

    Just fund out one of my Chicks "Riley" is a Black silkie crossed with a sebright
    thought he/she was a cochin when he/she was given to me by a good friend but he forgot about the sebright being in with the silkie when he bought her before she laid !
    His father is a black silkie
    mother is golden sebright
    Right now he has hard wing feather with very light sebright markings and a big pom pom tail LOL his whole face is gold
    and he has dark skin
    EXTREMELY FRIENDLY and i love him very much
    wont be able to post pics for afew days
    But does anyone have pictures of you sebright/silkie crooses
    Thank you

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