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  1. braray

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Does anyone know what offspring ill get with a lavender orp rooster and a coronation sussex hen? Thanks!!
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    I’m not sure of the genetics of your Coronation hen. Some are based on Lavender, some are based on Blue/Black/Splash. In the UK it’s supposedly usually based on B/B/S; in Australia it’s supposedly usually based on Lavender but these can be switched. From what I read Recessive White may or may not be involved. There are so many different ways genetically to make most colors/patterns that it’s difficult to be sure of much of anything. If Recessive White is involved since only your hen would have it the effects would disappear anyway.

    Lavender is a recessive gene, it has to pair up to be seen, and it only modifies black feathers. Your Lavender rooster is probably based on Extended Black but there are some other genetic combinations that could work. He has to be pure for Lavender, the Lavender genes pair up. If your hen is Lavender the odds are tremendously high that that his black will dominate anything your hen has and you will get solid Lavender chicks since the Lavender will pair up.

    If your hen is based on B/B/S, the odds are still really high that you will get a solid colored chick, but about half of them will be black and half will be blue. That’s how you will be able to tell if your hen is based on Lavender or B/B/S.

    With either of these some leakage is possible. Leakage is where a few stray feathers of a different color show up randomly. Sometimes you get no leakage, often it’s not much, but sometimes it can be surprising.

    Unless you know a lot about the genetics of the parents, especially the hen, the only way to be sure what you will get is to make the cross. You should get solid chicks. Whether they are black, blue, or Lavender (or some total surprise) remains to be seen.

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