What will my offspring look like with these breeds?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Chickadee-23, Jan 26, 2014.

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    I have a coop of just old english game bantams, this is the list of birds
    2 black hens
    1 black breasted red hen
    1 silver duckwing hen
    1 white hen
    1 wheaten rooster i think thats what he is
    There all bantams thy will start laying in march and was just curious to what there babys will look like thanks
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    There is always some guessing involved mainly because you can’t be absolutely sure what the genetic make-up is in some of these, but this might give you some ideas.

    2 black hens
    They should be black

    1 black breasted red hen
    Probably a lot like their parents.

    1 silver duckwing hen
    This is your fun one. The pullets should look a lot like their mother except the neck will be reddish or buff instead of white. The base body color may be a bit more gold. Hard to tell.

    The cockerels will be patterned like their daddy but where the daddy is reddish, they will probably be more yellow. I call it a rusty white.

    This could possibly be a red sex link cross. The gold and silver is right for a red sex link chick but I’m not sure what the down will actually look like. I would expect the pullets would have some reddish or buff down somewhere on their heads where the males would have yellow. You might have to have the chicks side by side to actually see the difference.

    1 white hen
    This is your absolute unknown. There are different ways to make white. White will hide anything under it. There is no way of knowing what the genetics of a white hen are hiding under that white. You could wind up with almost anything from this pairing. It may not have any white at all or it could be solid white. It could be red, black, or maybe red with a white tail. The males could even be barred. You just don’t know.

    It will make for a fun hatch if you mix those eggs, a real rainbow. Good luck!

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