What will she look like!


Life’s a garden: dig it.
Apr 30, 2018
Nova scotia
What do you guys think? I tjink she is going to look like a plain scovie but i dont know


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Life’s a garden: dig it.
Apr 30, 2018
Nova scotia
Is she a mix? She’s really cute!
Thanks! I have no idea!

The scariest thing i did was get that duck...

I drove 50 miles in the back country on dirt roads and came to a jet black section of road with two people standing there. me and these two people walked half a mile through the woods (They had no lights i had my phone light) to a place with a dozen sheds and barns and a great big trailer home. No trails no roads to the house

I was litteraly shaking so bad

There was 50 or more muscovies in trees and laying on the ground and probably 150 ducklings just out in the woods. I grabbed the first one i seen and gave them a 20$ bill fpr a 5$ bird because they wanted me to go in the house for change....

Hahaha iam no coward but i was 50 miles from the highway on dirt roads with houses spaced 2 miles apart!
They had no address, phone, or electric. I kind of admire them now but at the time i thaught i was going to be shot for my pickup truck

sorry for the long story haha

Miss Lydia

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Oct 3, 2009
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@Jpat what do you mean by plain Muscovy? Missy looks like a pure bred Muscovy.

Can I say something about the way you have your shed door propped closed all a predator would have to do is knock down that wood holding that door closed and have duck dinner sitting inside. How about a latch? slide bolt latch is best.

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