What will they taste like?

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    ok folks, I have a question.

    I have Cornish X in the pen that should have been processed about 6-8 weeks ago. I had a large job come in that kept me out of town for several weeks. I had not cleaned their pen for a few weeks before I left. The kids were helping to take care of feeding and watering while i was away, but they didn't clean the pen.


    I came home to find my birds ankle deep in their own SMELLY crap! I HATE that this happened, but it snuck up on me and I just wasn't able to get them processed before I left.

    Will they have an "off" flavor if I process them now? I have cleaned their pen and put sand in it for them. Should I wait a couple of weeks to process them? They are eating some of their own poop every time they peck at the ground...... NASTY!!!

    What should I do?
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    don't beat yourself up unfortunate things happen. IF you have them on clean sand with fresh water I would wait a day or so and butcher, if you let CX got to long your going to start losing them. Chickens eat thier own poop everyday, even when they don't have to It's not going to affect their taste. Mine even eat he goat poop.
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    When I came home it had been raining and the pen was wet and SMELLY!!!! Just really grossed me out. I have had the pile of sand ready to go in the run I just hadn't had time to put it down for them.
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    Chickens CHOOSE to eat some really nasty things. They still taste like chicken [​IMG]
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    The question really is, " what will chickens not eat?

    The answer is nothing, "if it fits in the beak, chickens will eat."

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