What won't chickens eat


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Feb 17, 2009
I'm about to put a pretty ugly coop up (a converted chain link dog run) I want to plant something growing up the sides of the fence to make it look a little better but my guess is chicks will eat almost anything I'll eat. Any ideas on a climbing vine that chickens won't eat?
You might consider placing these plants a foot or so away from this cage and then placing a trellis screen between them. You could also place a sheet of plywood behind the plants in order for the vines to stick to it verses the fence and plant quite a few fast growers, lol. I know what you mean about appearance! I have 2 10x10's that I converted into a 10x30 that I think look hidious but, not much that I can do with them and they serve their purpose for now.
Also before you plant, bury some galvanized fencing around the base of your run about a foot outward. This will help keep predators from digging under your run to get your girls. It maybe a lot of work but it will pay off especially the time you invest in your birds. Somewhere on the net, I found a large listing on what not to plant because it might make the girls sick. You might want to check or look for this too.
All I know is that they keep the blackberry vines trimmed nicely at about 6" from the wire.

I think they eat everything edible.


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