What Would Cause This? Losing Toes. Photos Added!!!!!!

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    As soon as my camera is charged I will take a photo..but to describe this is an older white Silkie rooster who I noticed seemed to be limping a bit.. when picked him up for examination I noticed that his feet which are normally the black colored skin (covered by a lot of feathering) more specifically his toes were what appeared to be a white or cream color in the front 1/4 and some had looked like they had fallen off.. there were a couple that looked necrotic and dead looking black. NOw he actually gets around ok and was digging/scratching the dirt floor in my barn where I have him moved to. What would cause this- Frost bite/extreme cold.. we had a span a couple months ago where it was verrrry cold.. He has no signs anywhere else and interstingly neiter do any of my chickens who actually roosted.. he sat on a ledge or floor of coop all winter with pine shavings. should I try soaking them/putting something on them.. outside of that you would not know anything is wrong. he is eating, behaving fine, drinking and rest of him looks fine. It is only the tip of the toes where the nail is.. and affected area looks to be about quarter of inch or so long. and it isi several areas on foot.. no signs of scaly leg mites nor wounds to the area. the areas where the pieces have fallen off look scabbed over..

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    I certainly am no expert, actually fairly new to chickens. I did buy some older Silkies two years ago that had leg mites. The mites burrowed under the scales on the legs, causing them to raise. I also noticed white crusty stuff on the toes. From what I was told leg mites can cause the chicken to lose toes. I am not saying this is the problem with your chickens but it may be something to check into. If I remember correctly I treated with vaseline and a liquid ivermectin (orally), but don't quote me on that. I also soaked the feet in water for a short time each day whick helped remove the crusty buildup.
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    I have a hen that lost one foot, and the other one of it's feet lost it's toes. It was due to frostbite. It had allready happened when I got her.
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    Frostbite could definitely cause this and it would take time to manifest. Keep a close eye on him & his feet o make sure the tissue isn't septic. Best case scenario here is that his toes will simply fall off and his feet will heal. Many chickens live happy, healthy lives without all their toes.

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