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What would cross with an Australorp cockerel, to produce white offspring?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by SharkmanDan, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. SharkmanDan

    SharkmanDan Songster

    I recently hatched out 44 offspring, that are all either Aracauna, Australorp, or crossed with Australorp cockerel. Most of my hens are dark, feathered, and the Aracaunas are pretty easy to identify, by the puffy cheeks. The rest, should be offspring of our laying flock, which are Australorps, Basques, Jersey Giants, Barnevelders, Brown Leghorns, RIR's, and various red or black sex links.
    I'm thinking that these white chicks, who are feathering out quite nicely, and look like they will be pure white, not Columbian patterned, might be Australorp crossed with Brown Leghorn, bringing out the white feather gene? Maybe?
    I'm new at this. Maybe some of y'all can help. I do have some Delaware cross with New Hampshire pullets, but no signs that they've started laying yet. I guess it's conceivable they could have laid the eggs, but I really haven't thought they were laying yet.

  2. Araucanas do not have puffy cheeks, EE and Ameraucanas have puffy cheeks.
  3. SharkmanDan

    SharkmanDan Songster

    Okay, I was told that it was Aracaunas and EE's NOT Ameracaunas. I guess I was wrongly informed. Either way, they lay the blue and bluish green eggs my grandkids like.
    But thank you for educating me on it.
    My question here, though, is on these white ones. They are feathering in pretty white. I see no signs of any contrasting markings. They're cute as can be, and it isn't really important. But, I'm curious. Some of the eggs in the incubator, were white, from the Brown Leghorns. But, since the incubator was at a friend's house, I didn't get to keep track of who came from which shell.
  4. ve

    ve Songster

    Jan 27, 2009
    Palmetto GA
    I will guess that the Australorp roo and red sex links produced the white chicks. Silver based roo will take out the red from the babies and dominant white Red Sex Links carry takes over.
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  5. Kev

    Kev Crowing

    Jan 13, 2008
    Sun City, California
    Yeah if your red sex links have white tails and stripes on necks, that is dominant white. It cancels out black but not so much on red/gold colors.

    Black is dominant- so your australorp is going to make basically all black, mostly black babies. Combine that with dominant white and you will get cream chicks, many with little randomly placed black spots. Look at Austra-Whites, which is basically the same color pairing- australorp over leghorn which are dominant white.
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  6. SharkmanDan

    SharkmanDan Songster

    Thanks. That's exactly why I asked. I am fairly new to chickens, and fowl in general. I just started, 10 months ago, and I'm learning. Genetics is an area I haven't delved into, yet. I simply couldn't figure it out with plain logic, I needed some facts, to add into the equation. But, you nailed it. Two of the sex links are what I call the 'Golden Comet' variety. Mostly reddish gold, with some white highlights and white underlayer, as well as a white tail. The Australorp rooster is all black, with a beautiful greenish sheen to the black.
    Most of these chicks are mutts anyway, but, they are cute, and hopefully we get some decent laying hens out of the bunch. Only the Easter Egger's (Ameracauna's I guess) and Australorp chicks should not be crossed.
    I was simply curious about how we got white. And, y'all answered that, pretty easy. Thanks!
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