What would happen if my Blue Ameraucana cockerel made an EE with.....

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    Apr 20, 2012
    ...one of three possible hens! [​IMG]

    I have to re-home my gorgeous show stock Blue Ameraucana [not EE] cockerel [who had been sexed as a girl--oops!]. :(
    We love him so much we are hoping to find a real home for him but he hasn't left yet.

    All the chicks are about 5 months old. This morning I found my first egg! [​IMG] I am not sure who laid it, but the cockerel has been mounting all of them for a few weeks now. I am going to incubate it for the heck of it and candle it later to see if anything is alive.

    Meanwhile, for fun, any guesses what it could look like?
    The egg is small, like the size of a silkies but this is a very first egg for any of the girls. Could the LF lay such a small first egg?

    Hens are:
    Barred Plymouth Rock, a
    Black Australorp, and a
    Black silkie!

    What kind of Easter Egger might it be?! [​IMG]

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    'First eggs' are generally small and increase in size as the hens' laying cycle progresses. Extremely small pullet eggs generally give poor hatching result.

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