What would you do? Advertised Lavender Ameraucanas hatched out blues instead.

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  1. Lopi1234

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Back around September, I bought 12 Lavender Ameraucana eggs off of a seller on Ebay. They were advertised as Lavender and Lavender splits. A 50/50% hatch rate. The seller kept black birds in the line to improve feather quality. No problems so far. So I have a decent hatch and instead of black and lavender birds only, I have blues too. The seller stated that it shouldn't have happened bc they removed the blues a month earlier. From what I read, you do not want blues in your lavenders. So they promised 6 eggs straight from their lavender only pen. So I waited. In the meantime they auctioned off more eggs. So fast forward to December. I finally got the answer of, wait until I get these auctions taken care of, should take 3 weeks. So I contacted the seller to which they said someone stole all but 3 lavender hens! And they stopped laying. I have 1 lavender (hen) 3 blacks ( hens) and 4 blues (1roo and 3 hens). So now I have to sell the blues, but it is my only rooster. I am beyond frustrated, and mad at false advertising. I just wanted this wrong righted! What would you do?
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    Dec 23, 2014
    Write a bad review about them so that no one else will go through what you are. I have not had any good luck trying to purchase anything off ebay. I won't even look on the site anymore. Sorry for your frustration. :/
  3. Lopi1234

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Unfortunately, I already left feedback when I received the eggs. They were very well packaged.
  4. warrenjennifer

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    Dec 25, 2014
    I have10 month old pure lavenders. Eggs will be for sale as soon as they start laying if that helps. Sorry for your problems on eBay :(.
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