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What Y'all have to look forward to

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by montyhp, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. montyhp

    montyhp In the Brooder

    Dec 4, 2008
    South Texas
    It's the chick's second night in the coop. I just had to get them out of the garage as they were stinking the place up too bad. They are 6 weeks old today! Happy birthday!

    These are some of the coldest nights of the year. The weatherman called it a "heavy freeze" (29 degrees). That is brutal for south Texas.


    Here is what it looks like without flash


    That's 11 Barred Rock hens and 4 BO packing peanut roosters.

    I have to say I used to think you were all just crazy over chickens. I was getting these birds as eggs and meat. But now my 14 year old daughter who is going through the sullen, not talking to parents, wear black phase just lights up when the chicks come out to play. My 10 YO son has nicknamed himself "CHICKEN OVERLORD" and is showing much responsibility when it comes to caring for the animals. I have become one of you![​IMG] I guess I am hooked on chickens.


  2. namreknat

    namreknat In the Brooder

    Sep 21, 2008
    N.W. Oklahoma

    Your chickens look nice and cozy in their coop!! I was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley; and I miss the warmer temps. It's 13 degrees here with a 0 degree wind chill. I agree that chickens are good family therapy! [​IMG]

    Good Pictures!!
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
  3. ranchhand

    ranchhand Rest in Peace 1956-2011

    Aug 25, 2008
    Welcome, from a fromer Texan, now in SC where we just got up to 32F. Fine looking batch of chicks, and it's great the the kids are getting interested!


    I miss the fruits and veggies from the valley!
  4. gumpsgirl

    gumpsgirl Crowing Premium Member

    Mar 25, 2008
    Looks like they are nice and cozy! Look happy in their new digs too! [​IMG]
  5. Teach97

    Teach97 Bantam Addict

    Nov 12, 2008
    Hooker, OK
    Howdy! I grew up in Kingsville and was there when the bays froze...on the way to school this moring it was 15...but must say that the summers are better
  6. The Chicken Lady

    The Chicken Lady Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 21, 2008
    West Michigan
    "Chicken Overlord" sounds like the perfect username or custom title... [​IMG]

    Those pics are cute! Isn't it funny how easily chickens trick you into getting hooked?

    Glad you're "one of us" and glad that you're here, by the way. [​IMG]
  7. MissPrissy

    MissPrissy Crowing Premium Member

    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    We would never dare say, "I told you so."

    Not us. We aren't like that at all.


    Welcome to the coop!

  8. Clay In Iowa

    Clay In Iowa Songster

    Oct 9, 2008
    Near Wilton Iowa
    Quote:24 below here last night with windchills around 50 below. Makes me think I'm going to need to insulate my coop.
  9. CK Chickadilly

    CK Chickadilly Songster

    Sep 11, 2008
    West Michigan
    Those little ones look absolutely precious! & happy! [​IMG]

    We are gonna have to do some re-vamping on our coop for winters too, I had to move a bunch into the polebarn yesterday cause of the wind chills. [​IMG]
  10. pbjmaker

    pbjmaker Crowing

    May 9, 2008
    Central Iowa
    Clay - you are further north than me - but my coop isn't insulated and the chickens are just fine (no heat lamp either)

    MontyHP - My 14 year old DD loves to go check for eggs and just "mess" around with the chickens in general. My 18 yo DD was elated when her favorite EE laid her first green egg the other day. She took a picture with her cell phone and sent it to some friends.

    These are city kids gone country [​IMG]

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