What you wish you knew: New to Bunnies

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    Jul 6, 2015
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    Hubby has given the children an Okay to get one of our friends baby bunnies. He has said it is their responsibility to feed/clean/care for it, however we know there is a likelihood it will become my responsibility. I have no idea on rabbits but have been doing some reading since I found out yesterday. Even in the off chance they really take on the responsibility, I want to be sure they are doing the proper thing for their new pet.

    What is something you wish you knew about when you got rabbits for the first time?

    I'm not sure on actual age yet (waiting for hubby to find out for sure) but I know it is newly weened from mom. It will be in an inside/outside coop so I'm wondering if I need to provide heat.

    Thanks for any first hand advice you can pass on!
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    I ended up with a rabbit that someone's kids outgrew/lost interest in. Although I think most rabbits are cute, I'd never had an interest in owning one. But I figured his life here would be better than the tiny cage he'd been living in.

    Ours has a very nice hutch, and a large penned area within our largest chicken run. I use a plug in dog water bowl for winter water. Ours is about 8lbs, and seems to enjoy cold weather much better than hot weather.

    I was scared the first time I saw reddish stains in the snow - thought the rabbit must have a UTI or something. After research, I saw that its fairly common for rabbits to sometimes pee orangish/pinkish/reddish urine. I wish I'd known THAT...lol. Also, because ours is male, he will sometimes spray/urinate when I go to put him back in his run (because we let him run around the yard sometimes) - a friend told me neutered rabbits won't spray like that - but in my area a rabbit neuter costs about $220...so this boy won't be getting neutered!!

    If I was actually buying a rabbit from someone, I would choose a female myself. Of course maybe females have other "cycle" issues??? Good luck with your bunny!
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    Jul 6, 2015
    Urbandale, IA

    oh my goodness, yes I would have also freaked out if I had saw reddish colored stains.
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    I just got my lionshead a week ago he 7 weeks and the breeder that I got him from says the males are more friendly than the females . Mr winkles did pee red I did panic I jump on here to Search what was going on with him he was stress out from taken from his mom to a car ride meeting my cats and my teenager and her friends the breeder let me pick him out when he was 4 weeks old and she held him everyday intill it was time for me to pick him up. I am very grateful for this he got a ready good disposition very mellow tonight I took him in the chicken pen and he just sprawl out and watch
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    Jan 2, 2016
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    Not all breeds are great starter breeds. F'ex lionheads are pretty as all get out, but have a lot more nervous energy. We have two lionheads right now, a smoke and a blue harlequin We had lops before and they were super sweet, especially compared to the diva like tantrums of our resident doe. My doe gets REALLY cranky when she's in heat. They like to rearrange their cages and food they do not like will get dumped out and pooped on. Their claws are non-retractable. If you have a kicky scratchy bun, you will look like the most emo cutter ever, pretty much every time you handle them unless you file their nails. You will need ice bottles for them if you have them outdoors in the summer. Generally, house buns don't acclimate to outdoors, barnyard bred buns can acclimate to almost anything a wild rabbit can given a few days to acclimate to drastic temperature changes. The heat is harder on them than the cold. If they try to "box" you, they are horribly offended at whatever it is you may be doing.

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