What Your Wedding Date Says About You.....

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My wedding was cancelled. I get a do-over


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July 18th

Cancer Weddings (June 21 - July 22)

The spirit of the beginning of summer comes from the enjoyment of earth's bounty, so Cancer weddings are always about the food, desserts and the love of the couple, their families and friends. As two become one, the spirit of this domestically-oriented sign will emphasize the meaning of joining hands and hearts to create a new entity. Cancer couples often find themselves concerned more about their home, the children they may have and the way they interact with relatives than many of their peers. The trick to preserving passion is to demand time that's dedicated to just the two of them.



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Ummm shall we say... "Yeah riiiiigggghhhtttt!!!!!" What a bunch of hooey,, is there a divorce date site?

1st one:

Capricorn Weddings (December 22 - January 19)
Getting married at the beginning of winter can be a lot of fun, whether the couple decides on destination nuptials in a tropical locale or a traditional wedding that coincides with seasonal family gatherings. Dignity is the key here, as that is the chief attribute of Capricorn. This doesn't mean there won't be a lot of laughs, though. The Capricorn marriage will take on some of the characteristics of a business relationship; the love life will be private, but far more passionate than outsiders might imagine.

2nd one:

Libra Weddings (September 23 - October 22)
The romantic spirit of Libra is like no other. The whisper of chillier winds is instantly warmed by the bright colors and happy moods of people reaping the bounty of the harvest. Couples searching for richly hued backdrops and quiet, peaceful moods will enjoy getting married during this time. The Libra marriage will probably be marked by many discussions and controversies between life mates; but arguments can always be settled with true compromise.

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