whats all that rucuss about

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    Dec 16, 2008
    sitting here having my coffee and trying to get ready for the big turkey cook off [​IMG] I heard a huge rucus from the coop. Its way to early on a holiday for them yo be making suck noise, so I go running out to quiet them and see whats the matter. well as I run I see a huge creature from the corner of my eyes take off from a branch oiver the run. It was a big blue crane, The come often at this time of year to try to eat my koi in my pond on their way south (?)

    Anyway my girls did not like that much and I guess thought it was a hawk again. But they calmed right down once big Mamma ran off the scary crane [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I guess we need a lesson on who the bad birds and good birds are. anyone have chicken cue-cards?
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    Ours still get excited when a butterfly goes through the runs.
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    Quote:thats cute.

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