Whats all the japanese / coturniquail breeds? (Including the new ones)

Discussion in 'Quail' started by booogieman007, Oct 22, 2009.

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Whats all the coturnix/ japanese breeds?

    Whats the requirements for a new breed?
    Has to breed true
    the offspring has to look the same as perants. (Coturnix X Coturnix = Coturnix)
  2. Ironsun

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    Jun 17, 2009

    There is only one species of Japanese quail Cotunix japonica but they do come in many varieties of colours.

    No matter what colour they are, they will breed together, for example, Texas A&M X Brown will produce pure cotunix quail.

    In the States there are a number of different colours, not sure how many, I think,
    Normal,Gold, Cinnamon, White, Tuxedo, Range and a few others. They will all mix and breed together to produce Cotunix.

    In the UK, there are many more varieties, with the introduction of the platinum in 2005, many more varieties have been produced. Silvers and creams. I Bred a Red eyed white bird in 2008, and only last Tuesday hatched out two Red eyed fawn that are very rare (as far as I know, the first ever bred). New colours are coming out all the time with many more people keeping them.

    The requirements for new varieties are the same as any other quail, they all need food/water etc. If you have two, the chances they breed true is very high, Some varieties are dominat over others too. Some are even semi dominant for example, when you breed Gold X Normal, then you get both colours at 2 golds and 1 normal ratio.

    Look at Monac's Sticky for more information on colour varieties and how to keep and breed them.


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