What's eating my ducks, chickens and geese?


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Nov 1, 2012
I been noticing my animals disappear and I finally found where this pest takes my animals to eat them. Firs let me start by saying that Im in loxahatchee and I have a lot of land and my house is all fenced in. In front of my house there is 2 acres of forest and that's where I found my animals feathers with some blood but NO BONES! only the feathers ! A while back before I had any animals I saw at night this big fat animal twice as big as a regular raccoon but it was dark and i couldnt see very well only it's fury back and the other weird thing is that it was very fast as soon as it saw me ran and climbed some trees. The point is that Im not sure if this is a raccoon because this thing is been taking big and heavy white geese and remember Im all fenced in so it has to carry the animal by climbing the fence! Now the question is HOW DO I TRAP THIS THING? ANY HELP APPRECIATED!
Greetings from Kansas, Kharlex85, and
! Great to have you here. Sorry to hear about your predator problem. Too big to be a raccoon...could it be a coyote? Will it fit in a large live trap? You might post over on the Raising Backyard Chickens forum under the Predators and Pests thread. You might get more precise there. Sure hope you can ID and catch it! Best of luck to you!
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A bear perhaps? Sorry, I don't know, but hopefully someone can help you with this beatie. Do as Redsoxs suggested and post in the Predators and Pests section. Good luck!

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