Feb 23, 2018
My dominate rooster was too rough on our hens..so we served him on dinner table:confused:. Now there are two rooster who are son of the older rooster we had...they both seem to bee equally dominant...but as the old rooster was culled one of my chicken started mounting other chickens..!!

Are not my 2 roosters beeing enough for those 15 girls,so my chicken has tookover..?:lau

Those two roosters are relatively smaller in age then the hens...but mount all hens...!!.
Any reply is appreciated
I keep only hens and have encountered a similar situation. One of my RIR would occasionally think it is a rooster and perform actions. I think she was stuck somewhere between Good and Evil. :gig
It is not uncommon and there is not problem with such. I think there is a genetic explanation to this.
WISHING YOU BEST.... and :welcome
Its simply a dominance display. Many animals mount each other like that to remind them who's boss. Your hens are also probably adjusting to the new roos, that can make any chicken act strange. Did you go for a while without having roos in the pen? Or did you put them in right after the old rooster was eaten? Sometimes when hens are by themselves without roos they mount each other. My hens do this sometimes as well. Your boys will probably take over soon.
I just found it funny:clap a hen mounting a hen.

Yes after i culled the old rooster...they two rooster were still not adult...or big enough for mating so they were for a month or two without rooster..!

Thanks for all ur replies

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