Whats happening to my boy?

Lovem all

Jul 29, 2020
So as many of you know I have a barred rock rooster named Diesel and he has twisted toes. He's a may baby and It hasn't really caused him many issues except when he was younger and got boo boos from how the toes rubbed together and it was very hard for him to figure ouut how to do the scuffing along the groung before mounting a female. Two days ago I decided to check his little feet for stuff stuck in all the folds and sure enough there were leaves, a little dirt, and a tiny pebble in all those crevices. Anyways since then he keeps holding up his left foot. The only notable diffrence between the two feet is his middle toe joint has always been a little more swollen, the back toe curls more when he holds it up, and this foot is warm compared to the other one. Any ideas why he's holding it up? P.S. pictures will be hard to take and I doubt seprating will be an option. All advice is welcomed and thanked.

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