What's happening to my chick?!

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    Jul 2, 2011
    I got a chick a few weeks ago. She is a Rhode Island Red mixed with a Leghorn (the store called her a "Production Red"). She seemed fine and acted normal until now. She seems to be pooping this dark pink gooey stuff. It might be poop with blood in it but I don't think so. It looks almost like her organs! Yesterday a pink-ish tube that was a little over an inch long came out of her behind. When i looked again it was gone and there was a pile of the red gooey stuff! I don't know what is happening to her but I am very worried. However, she has been acting completely normal. I am going to call the store I bought her at and see if they know whats going on. Please help me find out whats happening to her and if I can help her! Thank you so much! [​IMG]

    Additional Information:

    Yes! I looked it up and she is shedding her intestinal lining! Thank you for the answer [​IMG]
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    Could it be her intestinal lining? And how old is she? Is she displaying any other symptoms? Not eating, drinking, lethargic..etc?

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