Whats most rare breed?


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Jan 13, 2012
Whats the most rare duck breed you can keep? Just curious cause I read an article talking about the importance of breeding rare birds and it got me thinking about looking into this.

P.S. I am new here, but not new to ducks. I always skipped over this site because its backyard chickens. But I've noticed a lot of links popping up for this site so I figured I'd join. :) I have Khaki Campbells, Rouen Duck, Black East Indie Ducks, and a Call Drake, as well as pigeons and chickens (chickens are just for eggs, no special breeds).

My vote is the Termonde
They are an old Belgian breed, and they look basically like a Swedish, minus the white on the chest. They are very rare in their home country, and hardly exist in any other country.

West Virginian Mountain might be another. There are only around 100 (i think) in existence, and they are the heaviest of the mallard breeds.

There are always new breeds popping up here and there. These will always be the rarest when they're 'fresh'.

Most people will tell you Dutch Hookbill, and rightly so, as it's the rarest of the common breeds.
These are the oldest breed in the northern hemisphere, and have an interesting, ibis-shaped bill.
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Have a look on this link.


It will give a list of ducks about 3/4 of the way down the page for ducks. These will be well recognised breeds that are in the standards and able to be shown - sometimes hard to find due to the rarity of them, but they are out there and conservation of these recognised breeds is very important. Having people that are intent on breeding them to standard and keeping the bloodlines pure is very important since it is no longer so easy to import birds from other countries.

When choosing to breed Indian Runners I picked the two colours that are rarest here in Australia. In just two years I have raised alot of interest and awareness about these colours across a few states of the country and hope that after such a successful breeding season- this years show season will bring much more interest and a few more people wanting to take them on for conservancy as well.

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