What's the best breed of dog to raise with our chickens?


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Jun 10, 2010
My mom and I are thinking of getting a puppy to raise with the chickens. One that can protect them and be friendly towards them.
We need a dog that can fight off coyotes, bobcats, and other predators to our flock. We live in the desert of Cali so we need one that won't
over heat while he/she is outside with them. I know the chickens won't like a dog around them, because of a dog we previously had who broke into the side yard and front (and killed 3
But we really need a poultry friendly dog. Our doxies werent raised with livestock and our neighbor who had a pig, well our doxies would constantly bark and try to dig their way through
to the pig.
I know that we could rescue a puppy but my mom has this thing with getting dogs from a shelter. She doesn't like to because the shelter locally never has puppies.
And the one downtown is filthy, as in her eyes it has dogs hwo could give something to our dogs. Which happened before, we got a cocker spaniel named Player and he gave my dog fleas.
So after my mom cleaned up Grizzly she gave Player away to someone.
I heard Great Pyrenees are good? But they have thickish coats right? I dont want them heating up out here.
I have a red heeler who is great. The herding breed dogs can do a REALLY good job, but I think they need more training to keep them from attacking the chickens. It's really all individual preference and a matter of good training. Be very careful before you trust your dog around your chickens, especially when you're not home.

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