whats the best coop?

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  1. dan10

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    Oct 25, 2011
    I need a good coop that holds 5 medium sized dual purposed birds that need to stay inside a lot because of my rainy weather:/

  2. conny63malies

    conny63malies Crowing

    Mar 22, 2008
    Annetta Kentucky
    you are looking for something with about 25 sqf inside space and a covered run?
  3. Hawkeye95

    Hawkeye95 Songster

    If your birds will be inside under cover a lot, then your coop will need to be bigger than one you'd design for 5 hens. Give them more space to be inside and not on top of each other where they will get annoyed with each other. Also, I would build a roof over your run so they can be outside all day long without getting drenched. Did you check out the Medium coop designs? That's all I did. I just picked out a couple I really liked and then built my own from those ideas. Pay close attention to the runs attached to the coops- and look for ones that are covered and how they did it. My coop has a shingle roof, but I am just going to use corrugated metal for the run set at an angle for run off (like a loafing shed) because I need it to span more distance.
  4. simplynewt

    simplynewt Chirping

    Sep 12, 2011
    My Coop
    I concuur with Hawkeye - Check out the Medium Coop Designs. I would look at them all if you have the time and get a good idea on how they are constructed. I spent hours wandering through the designs until I was satified with what I wanted and needed and built from what information I was able to gather.

    Good Luck.

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