Whats the best Tasting chicken around?

If anyone here would know, it would be Steve.

We like the Dark Cornish too but are coincidentally trying our hand at Cuckoo Marans this year (for the eggs... folks like those dark eggs), so now I'm looking forward to the boys getting to processins size.
Has anybody heard of a La Fleche chicken? I was reading that they are hands down the best meat eating bird but I havnt heard of Marans being good eating. Hmmm, I got some extra Marans too. Have to see for myself. If I got Cornish Hens, can I mate them together and always have them on hand or would I have to cross birds together to get certain Corbish hens. I know thats a crazy question but I've never owned Cornish type chickens. Thanx for the replys
The standard cornish will breed true. The cornish cross won't so you have to buy chicks each time. Alot of people do that and it works well, you buy a batch of chicks , grow them out and freezer them and you are done with chickens until you need another batch. When we raised the cross they just didn't have the taste that a heritage bird has.

From the birds we raise each has a quality

Buff Orpingtons have huge leg 1/4's - we are growing out some Light Sussex this year and it looks like they are going to be the same way

Rhode Islands, Marans and Java's have a long wide breast - because of the body shape

Speckled Sussex were bred as a meat bird and have more compact thicker bodies

Dark Cornish are solid, meaty. Even as chicks when you pick them up they weigh more than others.

I don't think it's really possible to answer that question. It's like asking what's the best flavor ice cream in the world. Tastes will vary, not everybody likes the same thing, for the same reasons.

So my sort-of-answer is, any chicken you raise yourself.

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