What's the difference between a welsummer rooster and a black copper maran rooster?

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    Jun 25, 2015
    Anyone know the difference? The only difference that I found was size, and maybe the coloring of their legs. Other than that how would one tell the difference? or IS that the difference?

    P.S. has anyone ever owned a rooster in either of these breeds? if so, how were their temperaments? thinking about adding one to my existing flock. Thanks!
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    Dec 19, 2013
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    The well summer has an extra brown patch ( on the flight feathers) compared to bcm. I have have bcm but they are such mean little buggers that I ate all the males. I understand this is a flaw of the line that I got rather than overall so take that with a grain of salt. I'm hoping to get some green fire line ones next summer. Fingers crossed.
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    Welsummer cockerel, image from Feathersite


    Marans rooster, again courtesy of Feathersite.
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    While the roosters of each breed do look similar, you'll notice that the genes for each color result in hens that are noticeably different. The most noticeable difference in the color of the roosters is that the Welsummer has red primary wing feathers and the Black Copper Marans has black primaries.
    Marans also have feathered legs and white skin, both of which are dominant.
    Welsummers tend to be more easy-going than Marans, but hatchery sourced birds are bred for production rather than egg color or temperament. If temperament is really important to you, buy from a breeder that does value good temperament.
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