Whats the difference between grocery store and home raised dinner,

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    Ok, I have a friend, a kind of ignorant friend, who likes to eat healthy and work out and bla bla bla. Any way, He always buys meat, eggs, milk, and food at the local grocery store. I invited him over to have dinner with the rest of my friends and I made beef stuffed peppers. The beef came from one of our cattle, and the veggies from the store. We also made chicken pot pie and a salad. The chicken came from our yard...

    So everyone came over and ate, except my friend robert... he was dead fast on not eatting anything that I raise. Whats the big deal? He'd rather get it from the grocery store where it looks like hamberger meat instead of seeing the dead animal. The meat I used came from slabs of meat and I ground it up..

    He also wont eat any of my chicken eggs.

    Its kinda of offensive...

    thats my two cents
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    I think its because they are afraid. People don't want to see what their food looked like before they eat it. At my old job I had 8 people that couldn't get enough of my fresh eggs and even offered to pay for electric out to my coops so they could have fresh eggs in the winter. Then there were the one that would even look at the eggs. Me if I had enough land would grow everything at home.
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    It's simple... he's an idiot. I will take fresh over store bought any day.

    Though... I do have to admit that when my girls first started to lay... I had trouble knowingly eating their eggs. I don't know why. I did, however, get over it quickly and now we NEVER buy eggs.

    To each his own... [​IMG]
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    Every now and then we buy eggs... depends whats available... my chickens are not laying right now, but my quail and ducks are... I found one duck nest and leave the eggs alone to Nature. But if I find any eggs in the grass or near the feeders, I pick them up and put them in the fridge for breakfast.
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    Mar 29, 2009
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    People have been brainwashed to believe grocery store food is clean and safe, and homegrown is somehow dirty. More for you I say.
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    Quote:I did... OMG.. I could not eat store food for 3 months... Now its only when I dont have it availabe at home. He watched it with me, but has this fanticy Image of the grocery store and food production... Ive tried to bring him to the Farming side, and no luck... he just stubborn... Now, its his loss for dinner... I guess he wont be eatting turky for thanksgiving at my house...

    More for me and my family.
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    Get your friend a copy of Brave New World.
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    Quote:Agreed! Or smile, maybe he can bring saran wrap and wrap all your fresh veggies in it and drive around with them in a car for about a week while in a cooler and then cook them for that Store fresh taste:lau Sorry I couldn't help myself. I'm so amazed now that we homestead and farm full time,,,I always dread when we have to go to the store for anything! Those flourescent lights and plastic wrap and all that music are not conducive to how I like my nutrition!

    Ah, don't take it personally, May be he can do a taste test (blind fold) and he's be convinced!

    Have a blessed one! Nancy
  10. Well you know that at the grocery store no animals were harmed... [​IMG]

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