whats the earliest you have heard crowing??


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
I have 9 babies still in the house...they will just be 4 weeks this weekend and I am already hearing someone crow. I know I have 3 roosters (goldens) but the others I will have to vent sex.
I'm so glad to hear you've got crowing!! I have a couple of 3 week old roosters (jumbo browns) that haven't started crowing yet but I'm excited to finally hear them! Maybe that means they'll start soon.
I had a 4 week old start crowing once. It was pitiful and adorable all at the same time.
The earliest I caught one crowing is a 4 week old serama . It was the funniest sound..I heard it a couple of days before I figured out what that squeaking weird sound was...LOL
I have to agree their fist crows are pretty pathetic sounding. They have the concept but haven't mastered the "Look At Me".
Ours began crowing at about 4 weeks. After a few days it was ALL NIGHT LONG due to the Security Light outside the living room window.

ok...so I don't have some extraordinary quail:rolleyes:

I agree its pretty pathetic sounding.

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