What's the funniest thing your chicks/chickens do?


8 Years
Sep 19, 2011
Kalama, Washington
I found found raising chicken to be very enjoyable. They all do the funniest things. We have 3 3.5 week old chicks right now and I have to say the funniest thing that they do is a little poop dance. They spread their, feet pull up the wings, shake their little butts then poop. I laugh every time. I think this is how the "chicken dance" came to be.
The funniest thing my 13 week old chicks do, is when I go to put them down after holding them they will climb up my arm and try to perch on my shoulder!

The funniest thing my hens do, is when I call "Heeeeere Chicky Chicky Chicky!" they all come running. Guests always get a kick out of it!
Haha aww that's cute! I love watching my hens, they are just so peaceful to watch.
I have two nest boxes and I walked in to check for eggs and it was the funniest sight. Two of my youngest hens were squeezed together into one box! When I went in they both looked up at me as if to say 'What?' The other box was completely empty :D
Also when momma hen is sitting with her chicks, they'll sometimes stand there watching her intently. Then suddenly one will jump onto her back and stand looking like it's on top of the world! Perhaps the song 'Surfing Bird' got it's ideas from this? Haha
True! When my chicks where a month old, they would always sit in my lap. Then they would jump onto my shoulder and eventually my head!

Something else I find funny is broody hens. You can put a giant fake egg and they will try to hatch it!
I love the game of "Chase the one that has the treat" On their first day outside, one of my girls found a tiny little worm. Well, considering she acted so interested, all the other girls became interested, so when she grabbed it and ran, they all gave chase. One tried to head her off at the pass, another tried to get along side her and grab it, then another tried jumping on her back, only to roll off and be left in the dust...until the pack of chasers came around again.

She did finally get to eat it, but it was once she hid behind my chair, and hunched over it.
It was very comical.

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