Whats the going rate to buy or Sell an adult Emu?

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  1. Irine

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    Oct 6, 2011
    Los Angeles Area
    Hi, I am in California . I have been doing some research on Emus and could not find many for sale here in Los Angeles area. Just wondering what is the fare price to buy or sell one? Are the eggs sell good or does one need to hatch them to sell chicks ? Also is there a reason why people tent to incubate eggs rather then to let the Emu do his fatherly job [​IMG] ? I would appreciate to hear some feedback
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    I have never bought adults, only purchased eggs back when I started my emu raising. The two adults acquired were both free, as the prior care-takers could no longer keep them and just wanted to find a good home for them to go to. You might try looking for such animals.

    People harass me all the time about not selling eggs, and its not like I advertise that I have the birds, so egg sales should do extremely well I'd imagine. People also go nuts over the chicks. We've sold three that our studly Earl hatched himself out in the pasture. I've incubated them indoors as well, and the only reason I would offer as to why people might prefer to incubate indoors is that the weather can get nasty right when they're hatching, which is what happened with ours. I had to bring them inside and had them living in my bathroom til that storm passed. Well, they kept on living in my bathroom at night actually until they were sold. We're just weird like that, lol. With my first two I hatched indoors, they used to sleep with me wrapped in towels on my sheepskin.
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Los Angeles Area
    Quote:Thank you for your reply. We are rescuing a small flock of 5 Emus and trying to learn as much as possible. Our weather in Southern Cali is nice even during winter, but we do get some rains. What are the chases of the father being able to hatch all eggs naturally? What is the fair market value for chick and eggs? I assume people buying eggs to hatch or for food and the shell....
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    Dec 21, 2009
    Well theres no money in them anymore. Chicks sell alot better than adults, possibly $100 each...thats what I got out of my last ones. I used to breed Emus when they were around $15,000/pr. As you know, the market on them dropped out over night. The eggs sell best as decorations, usually around $10 each. My last Adults, I eventually had to sell for $50 each to get rid of them. The reasoning behind incubating the eggs, is simply to increase production. If you take the eggs as they lay, they will keep laying. If you don't, then the male may decide to start sitting at 5 eggs. It's easy to get 20 eggs out of a female if you take them and incubate them yourself.
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    Aug 19, 2011
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    About taking the eggs:

    For those of us with just a couple emus and do not want to deal with getting a jumbo incubator, how about taking the eggs as they are layed and when the Female is done, put all the eggs in the nest for the male to sit on?

    Maybe take the first 15ish eggs, and then let thet male settle on the last few, then add the ones you took.
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Quote:I used to take them and leave little nerf footballs then when he decided to sit, he'd get rolled over a little and the eggs would go under.

    I was never lucky enough to have a natural hatch.

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