What's the longest you would keep a chick in incubator


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Jan 25, 2016
Hey, y'all,

we've had six chicks hatch so far, and we have eight left unhatched. They were set on Wednesday night February 21, so I think today is Day 22 (I'm not super clear on how you count the days), but I was expecting a draggy hatch because the development looked a bit slow when we were candling.

The first one hatched this morning. I do believe having the other chicks there assist with the others hatching, but what is the longest you would safely keep the hatched chicks in the incubator? When would you move them?

I move mine down into the brooder as soon as the chick has dried, fluffed up, and if they seem to be moving around in the incubator good. I don't want them climbing all over the other hatching eggs. Do it quickly, so that your incubator doesn't loose much heat and humidity. I had a Splash Australorp chick that just hatched today, and it's already down in the brooder with the 3 Blue ones now.

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