Whats the name of your chick or roo? this will be fun

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Just thought this would be fun to see all the different names of others chickens and Roos. Just enter the name of your favorite and lets see all the different names. You can post photos if you like and let's have some fun with it.
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Well I have 25 so I will give just a few, we have Snowface, Nut Job (she is a little crazy) Henny, Penny, Little Red Hen,Roberta, Spotty, Speckles, Joyce, Nana, Little Miss Thing, Big booty Judy 2, ( big booty judy 1 got killed ). I could go on but I will stop.
We have Lulu, Trixie, Phoebe, Kiwi, and Nelson (he used to be Nellie until he started to crow!) We also had Mrs. Cluckers who turned out to be Mr. Cluckers or should I say Mr. Cock a doodle doo! We had to find him a new home though, because he kept picking on Nelson.
OK, BR is Roast Beef, RIR hen is Judy Lou, EE hen is Roxy, Austrolorp hen is Rosie, Leghorn boy is Sunny, 3 Silkies ?'s are Chicken Little, Dragon, and Silkie
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Here are the names of my chickens-Red, Bertha, Eileen, Ethel, Lily, Whynnona, Louise, Hannah, Raven, cocoa, Cedric. I have a few unnamed at present. The serama chicks-Cotton, Silver, the other 2 don't have names yet

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