Whats the saddest Poultry loss you've had?


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Feb 1, 2010
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My favorite polish pullet got snatched by a hawk and I saw her carried off screaming. :hitShe was so sweet, she would come over and stand on my foot so she could get picked up.


Jul 19, 2019
My favorite polish pullet got snatched by a hawk and I saw her carried off screaming. :hitShe was so sweet, she would come over and stand on my foot so she could get picked up.
Aww. :hit She reminds me of my Buff Laced Polish Pullet, Minnie. She does the same as yours. Stands on my foot and tries to turn my pocket inside out to get my attention.
She's the one I'm hugging in my avatar.
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Sep 24, 2019
This happened a few months ago...I had a handful of different chickens. Two barred rocks, some brown one (I can't remember which kind of chicken she was), a leghorn, and two "Polish" chicks, which were much younger than the others mentioned.

One terrible night, my dog started barking randomly. I thought she just saw some car lights outside, so I ignored her yapping. It wasn't random barking, because she must have noticed something. In the morning, I got up just to hear my brother tell me all my chickens were slaughtered and ripped to shreds. A gruesome sight it must have been, but I refused to look. He told me the details of what happened, but I won't mention them here. He didn't find the leghorn anywhere.
Many years ago I had a chicken who was killed by a stray cat (who we later "dealt with" once we saw said cat), so I could only assume a stray cat or some other wild cat got in the coop, made sport of the poor helpless chickens, and just left.

When the cage was cleaned up, I found the scalp of my poor little Polish chick, which was nothing more than a patch of pale yellow feathers. I threw it away, of course. I wished that I were able to find the animal who killed my chickens so I could put an end to it permanently.

Anyway, I wandered around the yard, then saw something out of the corner of my eye. There was a flower bush in the corner of my yard, and something white was poking out from between some leaves. I went over to see what it was, and to my delight it was my leghorn / white chicken. Her eye seemed to be clawed / scratched, her face a little bloodied, and seemed to be traumatized but she was alive.

After some weeks of care, vet visits, and being taken care of, she's alive and well now. But I'm still amazed how she escaped her coop, which was shut tight, and survive such an attack. But I'm glad she did. I was sickened when I heard what happened to my chickens, and I wouldn't ever be able to look at something that gruesome.

My "flock" was killed and ripped apart overnight by some animal, only one managed to escape miraculously, and she's okay and well.


Jun 12, 2018
This duckling hatching and peeping in the incubator. he/she took so long and were so happy and excited since it was the only and first one hatching that year..so happy and excited that we forgot to refill the water to keep the moist levels right... he/she peeped so loud non-stop, we just thought it might be just a really vocal and strong duckling..he/she stopped peeping suddenly after 3 days (incubator stands in living room).. dead offcourse. Allmost out...And then we discovered that out of excitement we forgot to fill the water and the loud peeping was not because of it was a strong/loud duckling.. it was screaming for help and dieing.. :'(
We both cried really hard that night and felt sooo ashamed. We killed a innocent duckling. And if only..we knew earlier...etc. We were so busy taking pictures and movies of her/his beak sticking out of the egg...and just not looking at anything else.

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May 16, 2018
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My 18 month old partridge silkie rooster. He was the sweetest. I had to have him culled due to an unknown illness that made it difficult for him to walk. It was very hard to watch him deteriorate so quickly.

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Sep 30, 2019
My First set of 8. Bubba (she), a large super sweet grey americana, was killed by a fox, i ran across the field chased the fox away and she died in my arms. We were all devastated. I have only named 2 of my hens they were sisters. Her sister Simba was killed by a fox 2 years later. Makes me sad just to type it. I can't name a hen again.

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