What's This on Rooster's Comb?


9 Years
Apr 13, 2013
Northern Florida
3-year-old Sussex (I think) rooster with scab-like mess on his comb. Last year, he had a smaller all-black area. We hit it with Blu-Kote a few times last summer and although it didn't go completely away, it got much smaller and was not growing. He and I avoid each other and I can go days at a time without seeing him up close so I don't know how long it's looked like this, but don't think it's been very long.

I've been through many pages of posts and was surprised not to find an easy diagnosis but also didn't find anything looking exactly like this.

We have about a dozen hens and this rooster. No news ones in over a year. They have a small house and a relatively large fenced space in the woods that they roam in all day.

Should I treat this like a fungus?



6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada
Guess it is time to get personal with your rooster. I would try catching him while roosting, washing his comb to see if anything comes off or whether or not there may be an injury hiding underneath. If you see a cut just wipe the comb down with hydrogen peroxide. Maybe even put a bit of vasoline on that area.

A roosters comb can get in the way at times when he is running around, shaking tyhe head after a drink of water, etc. It does not look serious though. Keep an eye on him to see if it spreads. I think it will clear up if it does not spread. Steve

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