What's typical for Broody in the heat

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  1. Finally our heat wave broke, but we have been having unusually hot weather here in Maine and our broody hasn't been eating or drinking very much. We keep taking her off the nest, try to cool her down, etc. - but she is only pooping small amounts of watery poo. Also, one of our other birds seems to have diarrhea. Otherwise seem normal. Is this usual for birds in extreme heat? I have changed out their water and food on a daily basis. They have had plenty of shade, etc.

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    It's always hot and humid here in Georgia. Our broody gets up at least once a day to eat and drink, which I think is normal. I'd just watch her really close. Can you put food/water right by her in the nest and see if that helps?
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    Watery poop is normal in high heat - they are drinking lots of water to stay cool. I too am forcing my broody off the nest for water, it's been really hot the past few days here. It's supposed to cool down tomorrow, so they'll get a break from it.
  4. Thanks for replies. It always helps to know there are more experienced folks around to help. [​IMG]

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