what's up with her leg?


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
Today my Geese (I say geese because two moma's are setting on one very large nest) started getting hatchlings. I am glad I went to check because 2 were dead, and one was being stood on by a different female goose. So I took the other two out. One seems fine, but the other one has scrunched up feet that don't look right. They are pink and fat and moist enough. They just seem to be bent back and folded in, like maybe they were when they were in the egg. Is this normal? Will she develop the use of her legs and feet?
I have never raised geese before. The adults I have were almost mature when we got them. So I can use all the help I can get. Right now both babies are under a lamp with water and mash (medicated???) and they seem to be happy together.
Waiting anxiously for a reply.

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