What's wrong with her eye? PICS included


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I have a new hen, she is two years old, a Black Maran, she has been here a week. She is in isolation. I noticed this bump on her eye. It feels kind of firm, when I pushed on it nothing came out. She is not eating or drinking much, seems somewhat lethargic. SHe is from a NPIP certified flock. I have her on layer crumbles, pine shavings and gave her oatmeal with DE, which she ate ok. She has not laid since she's been here but I feel no egg in her. There is no wheezing, sneezing, odor or any mucus I can see at all. I did worm her yesterday with Ivermectin Pour On. She ate scrambled egg today and some apple. Not sure if the eye swelling could be a peck wound or infection. Any advice would be appreciated. Included are photos of droppings and her eye. Thanks.



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don't know if this could be what it is but heres some info about sinus infections and what to do....I – Passing info along on treating a sinus infection in chickens in case it is helpful for others:

Took Sayuri (8 mos. old Aracauna) to the avian vet. She has a sinus infection. In Sayuri’s case it was caused by the injury from her left nostril being pecked at by other chickens in the flock.


Warm beak and comb. Swelling of the sinus cavity that runs alongside of the face and under the eye causing the side of the face and eyelid area to thickly swell. Clear “weeping” discharge (with possible foam or bubbles) from nostril and eye on affected side of face. Discharge becomes more thick and egg-white like and then goes to a cottage cheese/gluey consistency as infection progresses.


Immediately separate chicken from rest of flock.

2x a day: Apply warm (not hot) wet washcloth compresses to affected nostril to keep passageway open and hopefully draw out discharge. It really smells when it’s coming out.

Use Baytril orally. She was given 40mg/ml suspension/#8 ml. Shake the Baytril well before dosing. Sayuri is 3.5lbs. and her dosage is 0.4ml administered orally with syringe every 12 hours (2x day) for 10 days. The 0.4ml dosage is “a little more than she needs at her weight” but the avian vet was allowing for her being unhappy about taking it and not getting it all down. If your chicken really opens up their mouth and the throat passage way is wide open do not squirt the medicine directly down the throat as that can cause the medicine to enter the lungs and cause pneumonia.

Hope this info helps others.

The red part around her eye is swelling now. I have Duramycin, will that work to treat this? I will get the eye ointment. Should I use the Duramycin as well? THanks.
I don't think it is a sty, because it is between the eye and beak area. I am really stumped guys, any help would be so appreciated. I am concerned she may have something contagious. She is eating less and less. Ugh! I hate not knowing and there is no vet to help me. Thanks. I do not see any other symptoms. She just sets on the roost fluffed up. There was a little food in her crop, but not much. Should I try the Duramycin?

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Have you tried any warm compresses? and yes start her on an antibiotic you can even drip some into her eye.. I'd even drip some into her sinus hole.. not enough for her to asperate into her lungs though.. I'll continue to look into this.. also if you'll type sinus infection in the Google custom search you'll find alot of info..
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Thanks Miss Lydia for all the help. I really appreciate it. I think the move to my house and being quarenteened has been hard on her. My others free range, maybe they pecked at her thru the run. I'll drip some into her nasal cavity and eye. Thanks again. You have been most helpful. I appreciate it.

Please believe me when I say this is all a guess but from reading others on here with problems like this I am thinking it could be sinus.. be careful dripping into nare holes just a small amount. and please let us know how she does in the next couple days..

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