What's wrong with her foot? Picture


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
This is a picture of my Wyandotte's foot. She is walking fine, I just happened to notice this on her foot tonight. Her other foot seems to be swelling too. Her feet are also hot to the touch and she doesn't want me messing with them. Is it bumble foot? What do I do for her??? Thanks!

I would guess bumblefoot...not from experience, but just from reading on here, although most pictures I've seen the swollen area is on the bottom. Do a search here on the site. I've read everything from soaking in epsom salts to putting them on antibiotics (amoxicillin was one listed that could be used). But there is no "plug" looking scab or area???
It was almost dark out when I looked at it, and I think there was a scab on the bottom of her foot, but it wasn't all swollen like this top part. Poor girl!
Ok..... open it up.. . . I can do this.
I hope. I guess I should use a knife and make a slit? Would soaking it in epson after I open it help? Should I keep her out of the run for awhile? I've never had to deal with this.

There are plenty of posts here on Bumble Foot. Search them out and read them all. We have been treating a girl for a few weeks now, so be prepared for a long healing period of soaking and wrapping daily. I am soaking for 10 minutes in Epson salts followed by 5-7 minute soak in Tricide-Neo http://www.koiacres.com/Koi-Acres-Products/tricide-neo.html followed by a rub down with Preperation H and then wrapped.
Good Luck
I just can't decide whether I should just cut it open or try this fish antibiotic soaking thing?? Is it better to start on it right away, like tonight? Or can I wait until I get the fish antibiotics?

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