What's wrong with his feet..

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    I got this silkie rooster from someone & noticed that he kindly hops instead of walking. He has long nails & his feet are nasty, cut & not good looking! What can I do!?
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    Get some blood stop powder to put on the nails if you trim them, and only trim them a small amount at a time. You could wash the feet in some warm water in the sink, dry them and look for any cuts, swollen pads or black spots that might be bumble foot. Also look for raised scales on the legs that might be scaly leg mites. For leg mites you can gently wash the scales, then apply vaseline or castor oil and massage it in once a week. For bumblefoot you might have to cut out the plug if it causing infection or pain and linping. Some people soak with epsom salts or Tricide Neo.
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    Thank you so much! I'll try it tomorrow before work. I tried to post pics, but i guess they didn't load. Do you know what caused this?
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