What's wrong with Samson? Sick? Injured? Please read.


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Jan 15, 2010
For the past three days every time we go down to feed the ducks our Blue Swedish, Samson, has been laying flat on her belly frog dog style under a box. When we approach her she doesn't move or make noise and doesn't resist when we pick her up. after we put her back down she slowly walks to the pond and hops in with the others. I can't see any obvious injuries and the bottom of her feet look fine. The only noticable difference is her tail feathers look sort of wet.

I have a Pekin that I believe has had wet feather all winter just on the tail feather/ lower back area. I don't think it is mites because none of the other ducks have wet feather.

Any ideas of what to do for Samson and what to do about wet feather?

I appreciate any help!
Check to see if she has an "egg belly". If she is laying age she might be egg bound. Make sure she can get to fresh water to drink and fresh feed. If you can you might want to put her somewhere that you can keep a close eye on her and see if she gets better.

Forgot to add give her something she can bathe in, nice new clean water in a kiddy pool might help also. Or a swim in the bath tub if you don't have a kiddy pool.
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Egg bound? She is about a year old so this is possible. Do you have any idea how long this usually lasts? I will definately bring her into the house for a warm bath tonight. Thank you for your help!
There is also "hardware disease" where a duck can eat something like a small nail, plastic, glass, tack, or something on the ground that they accidentally eat. I had a beautiful Blue Fawn Runner die of this. I always make sure the ground is picked clean of any foreign matter. I just thought I'd throw that out there since mine was acting similar then passed away peacefully in it's sleep. We found out later the real cause, now I'm a freak about looking at the ground. Good luck with your duck

From Lame Duck Rescue -


Ducks love shiny metal - coins, screws, nuts and bolts, bits of wire, jewelry, safety pins, staples, bits of aluminum foil, etc. - and they will swallow these things.
Ducks become gravely ill from what's called "Hardware Disease".
Hardware Disease is nearly always fatal or at least can require risky and expensive surgery.
Make sure your home and yard, anywhere your duck will be, are free of any small metal objects which are within reach of your pet. Make sure such items are unlikely to fall onto the floor, and advise everyone else in your household of this danger.
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Thanks you guys for the input. I checked out that website link and watched some of the egg bound videos. This afternoon she was only able to take a few steps before sitting down again and tonight she was back under the box.
We have her in a slightly warm bath right now with some spinach which she has little interest in.

HERE IS THE STRANGE PART: her stomach is making loud sounds. Like coffee brewing or- eggs clanking together? It happens often and loud. Her tail is also off to one side. I think we will keep her inside tonight as the video suggests supplimental heat.
That sounds like a result of ingestion of a toxin. I don't want to scare you and this probably will, but we lost two this summer to Deadly Nightshade poisoning. One nibbled on the leaves and was doing exactly what yours is doing. The other ate a berry and we lost her quickly.
You can pm me if you want and we can talk more.
we put her in the tub for the night (empty with towels, food, water and a box for her to hide under) and she hasn't moved since. Laying frog dog again and her stomach is still making the noise. She hasn't touched the food or water all night. She only pooped once when we just repositioned her. She doesn't seem to have egg belly. I am beginning to think it is something different - possibly worse.
Took her to the vet. She has five to eight 1/2" pebbles stuck in her gullet. Waiting to find out if it is fully blocking or can be treated with medicine...

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